"My name is Mackenzie
Chapman and that's my brother
Drew."  "We wanted to tell you that
Bubble's Q Sauce Taste Great."

We All Love Bubble's Q Sauce

Cell Phone: 716-440-5820 or 716-440-1860
Marion and Linda,

I can tell you with genuine sincerity -- and as something of a
connoisseur of good barbeque sauces -- that your Bubble's Q Sauce is
quite honestly the single best I've ever tasted! My wife Anne concurs.
Nothing more needs to be said -- except, "Let's eat!"

Best regards,
Paul Chimera, columnist, After 50
To the Simmons Family
I have been eating your sauce for some time now.  Your Son,
DeMario is working with us at Shaw AFB.  I am glad to see that
you are now on the market.  It is the best sauce my family and I
have ever tasted.  My girls always ask for the Bubble's Q Sauce
on what ever I am grilling.  I also mix it in my hamburger meat
when I am doing burgers.  Just wanted to let you know how
much my family and I enjoy your sauce.  Thanks!

Mr DeMonte
CMSgt (Ret) USAF
About 6 to 8 weeks ago my son Dustin a Triple A driver towed a car
for you and at that time you generously offered him a bottle of your
sauce ,well I would like to thank you as we were very impressed with
your sauce. And I now plan to stop at Sloan Super for a new supply
...Just wanted to let you know your tip to a tow truck driver has
gained you another happy satisfied  customer for Bubble's Q Sauce.

Here’s what I think of your sauce…it is truly the BEST I have ever tasted!  I am getting ready
to order some more.  Our favorite way to use it is to make pulled pork, but it’s good on
whatever you put it on!  My husband and I loved pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, but could
never quite make it at home as good as in some of the restaurants we’ve had it in.  That is,
until we used Bubble’s Q Sauce!  Now, I think it would rival the best BBQ establishments,
even in the South.  I gave a bottle to my sister and her husband and they are huge fans now,
too.  I won’t use any other BBQ sauce ever again.  I hope it will become available in our areas
soon ( New Jersey and Maryland ).  If you’re ever looking for a local distributor, count me in!  
I do know Wegman’s carries many Buffalo products…perhaps they’ll start selling Bubble’s Q
Sauce, too!
Best of luck, as always, with this new business venture.  I have no doubt after trying this
product that you will both be extremely successful.  Thank you for finally sharing it with the
rest of us!  



I don't know if Bubbles remembers me or not, but my name is Joelle
and I work at The Cheesecake Factory.  A couple of months ago, Bubbles
came into the restaurant with his family and I waited on them.  He
gave me a bottle of his BBQ sauce and I have to tell you.... IT'S
AMAZING!!!!  Without a doubt the BEST BBQ sauce we have ever tasted!  
I'm telling everyone I know.  I've been meaning to write this letter for a long
time.  I just can't thank him enough.  It's so hard to find a sauce
that you can eat without adding anything to it and this is it.  We're
never buying any other sauce again.  WE LOVE THIS SAUCE!!!  Thank you so
Joelle Nowak

Dear Linda
Just a short note to say thank you for the Bubble’s Q Sauce. I used it
the very next day and it was delicious!
Your friendly Optician Maryellen Cowell